May 28, 2021

What is Qube?

All you need to know about us.

Little Info About Us

Qube is an energy innovation startup that aims to reduce and manage your energy consumption. We help you understand how energy is being used and gives you control over all of your appliances in the building. For most of us, our building is our home. It is where we work, eat, sleep and live. But our building also houses many appliances and equipment that need to run smoothly. Our appliances and equipment can slow us down if we’re not aware of their needs. To help you, we have developed a single dashboard that delivers 24x7 ongoing access to each appliance in your building.

What Energy saving Means

Saving energy is something that we all must do. There are two main reasons to be more energy efficient at home; Firstly, Save on bills: using less energy means you’ll lower your energy bills. Secondly, Be kind to the planet: using less energy is more environmentally friendly. So if you’re trying to be greener - cut back on your energy use and help us use your energy more efficiently or simply, use less of it.

Today, in several towns of India, the distribution company doesn’t even know where their consumers are! With our technology, consumers can monitor their consumption online in real-time and understand whether their AC, heater, or incandescent light bulb is the electron guzzler or their power distribution company is taking them for a ride! There will be no more cryptic electricity bills and consumers will be able to keep an eye on their energy consumption.

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