December 12, 2021

Qube Gateway Insider Edition Installation

How to setup Qube Gateway Insider Edition for the first time.


Qube Gateway Insider Edition

  • Power Input Port : Power Input for the Gateway
  • Debug Port : Emergency Debug Port in case something goes wrong
  • Gateway ON/OFF Button : Button to Turn the Gateway ON/OFF
  • Hotspot ON/OFF Button : Button to Turn ON the gateway hotspot to configure Gateway WiFi Setting
  • Gateway LED : Status whether the Gateway is running or not
  • Hotspot LED : Status whether the Hotspot is on or not
  • Process LED : Status of the processess running on the gateway


  1. Connect the Qube Gateway Power Input port to an adapter via the USB Cable shipped with the gateway (Ensure that the wall socket to which the adapter of the gateway is plugged in has invertor backup). And wait for 3-4 minutes for gateway to boot up.
  2. Once the Gateway is booted and running, Gateway LED will turn ON.

WiFi Configuration

  1. Press and hold the Hotspot Button to switch ON the gateway hotspot, and wait for the Hotspot LED to turn ON.
  2. Now connect to the WiFi with SSID - Qube Gateway and Password - 12345678.
  3. Now open any browser and go to qube.local/ and open the Networks page via clicking the Networks button at the top-right corner of the Sign In Page.

Network button on Sign In Page

  1. Here you will see all the available networks in the building, choose the desired WiFi, enter the password and click Connect.

    • If the Available list doesn’t show the SSID of the desired network then you can add custom SSID and Password by clicking the Add WiFi button.

Add Custom WiFi SSID and Password

  1. If the gateway has successfully connected to the desired network then the Hotspot LED will turn OFF and also you can see the IP of the gateway, Internet status and SSID of the connected network on the LCD display of the gateway.
  2. Now connect to the same WiFi as the gateway and you can access the qube dashboard via :

Adding devices to the Gateway

  1. Sign Up (in case of the first login) / Sign In on the Qube dashboard
  2. Turn ON the Device Auto-Discovery toggle to allow the gateway to search for the Qube devices connected over the same network.

Auto Discovery toggle

  1. Once the devices are discovered, a pulsating ’+’ sign will appear on the home page, click the ’+’ sign to add the devices.
  2. You can rename the devices by clicking on the gear/setting icon above the device card or also by navigating to the Devices page.
  3. You can turn OFF the Auto Discovery toggle once all the devices are added on to the dashboard.

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