Frequently Asked Questions

What is Switch?

It is a device that we created which allows you to control your electrical appliances using your phone, desktop or automated rules that you create.

It can turn on Air Conditioners, Water Pumps, Lights, Fan, Exhaust etc.

What is Surge?

It is a device that basically acts as a smart energy meter allowing you to monitor your buildings energy consumption in near realtime.

Now you don't need to go down to the basement to get the reading every once in a while. All power consumption information comes right through to your desktop or mobile phone on the click of a button.

What is Sense?

Sense is an occupancy sensing device. Which means, it helps us to find out whether there is someone present in a particular room or not.

Once we know that someone is present in the room, we'll be able to notify the property manager that some appliance (like AC or fan) is running when there is nobody in the room. Or we can simply automatically switch off the appliance once someone leaves the room.

What kind of appliances can I control?

We currently have several types of Switch Qubes depending on your application. If you want to control an entire room, we have one for that, If you want to control high power appliances like Water heater, Air Conditioner etc.

we have a device for that as well. If you are looking to control low power appliances like Fans, Lights, Television etc, we have a Switch Qube for that as well.

You can talk to us about your requirements and we'll suggest you the best device that you can get installed in your building that suits your needs.

I don't want to control appliances but I want to actively monitor power consumption. Can I do it?

Absolutely yes, if you only want to monitor the power consumption of your building/room/apartment we would only install the appropriate Surge Qube devices that caters to your requirements.

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